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Hairdresser Services in Reading

Hairdressing Services. 


Ladies cut and Blow dry  £40      Restyle - New Look  £45

Blow Dry £30   Long Hair £35      Hair Up Nights out £40 


All colour is subject to a consultation and sensitivity test first . 

prices range from £40 to £150 



Have you ever wanted thicker, longer hair ? now you can with hair extensions . 

I have over 10 years experience with Hair Extensions and offer a selection of applications that will suit you and your hair type. 

Tape Haie Extensions

Seamless Tape Hair Extensions FAQ’s

What are seamless tape hair extensions?

Seamless hair extensions are a system used to bond extensions to the hair without heat, glue or clips. They are designed to be undetectable, smooth flat and easy to manage without damaging the hair.

Seamless hair extensions allow any woman to add length, volume and thickness at affordable pricing.

Look like a celebrity with long luscious locks!

How long do seamless extensions last?

Seamless tape hair extensions typically last 8- 12 weeks. The extensions can be cleaned, re-taped and placed back in the hair .

How do I take care of my seamless extensions?

These extensions can be washed and styled as normal, we always suggest using sulfate free products to help maintain the texture, colour and shine of the hair. Avoid using conditioner on the bond and be gentle when brushing. We recommend using an extension brush for easier brushing and to maintain the quality of your extensions.

What is the difference between tape extensions and other extension systems?

Seamless hair extensions are custom crafted for you using 100% human silky remy hair for soft, shiny touchable extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair. The seamless extensions system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or messy removal.  This system is completely seamless with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for people with thinning hair and for adding length or volume or simply adding highlights or some fun colours without damaging the hair. The seamless extensions are very comfortable.

What is the pricing?

A consultation is required for extension. The priced is determined by the weight and length of the hair. All prices include colour matching, Hair, Application , Cutting, Blending and Styling with a 2 week how you getting along check up. 

Just for volume 1/2 head from £199 

For Volume and Length from £350 

Double application servcies from £450 

Aftercare Based around time . 

6-8 weeks £150 

8weeks + £199

The hair is reusable so in the aftercare if the hair needs to be reposition then price will be dependant on length of time it takes to do .  

If After a consultation you would like to proceed,  a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking . The 50% balance will be due on the day of your appointment.

Aftercare Advice 

Can I swim with seamless tape extensions?

Just like your own hair that has been coloured or processed, you do not want to get chlorine or chemicals in the hair. we do not recommend that you swim while your have extensions in. If swimming is part of your daily routine we highly suggest wearing a swim cap. We cannot stand by the longevity of your extensions if you choose to swim with them. The extensions are human hair that have been coloured to match your pigmentation perfectly, coloured hair should avoid chlorine and be rinsed immediately after contact with chlorine to maintain color, shine and radiance.

Hair extensions application

Nano / Micro Ring Hair Extensions 

Micro Rings/Copper Tubes

These rings come in different sizes and colours but the rings I use are small and lightweight and are less visible in the hair.  This is a non glue method and can easily be removed and re-applied.  The rings do need gently handling as they are just small ring that are clamped shut to hold the extension strand in place.  May not be suitable on fine/silky hair as they can slide down the hair.  

Nano Rings

Nano Rings are tiny 2mm nano rings.  This ring is 90% smaller than a standard micro ring and comes in different colours. The hair comes pre-tipped with a slim plastic tip which is inserted into each nano ring and gently clamped to your hair.  Like micro rings, this method may not be suitable on fine/silky hair as the nano rings may slide down too easily.

Partial Head £250 
Full head  £350 to £400 depending on length and Thickness of your own hair . 

Check up 2 weeks later.

Hair is reusable 
30 minutes £60 
1 hour £100 

to book and appointment please call Jacquie 07940909708 

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