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        V.I.P. Hair 4U- TRAINING

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Hairdressing Courses

                                        AUGUST 2017 


                                     Prices & Information  

Have you ever wanted to Train as a hairdresser or barber ? 

Maybe you wanted to train as a hairdresser when you were younger but never got given the chance

Maybe now you are a mum you are looking for a new skill or career. 

My Courses are for you . 

Private, Fast Track, fully Accredited and insured Adult training courses that come to U .

As we all know wages have changes over the years. As soon as you turn 21yrs the national minimum wages kicks in. Most salon can not afford to train someone on this wage, ruling out most in-salon training.

If you sign up to a college you are looking at doing a NVQ/ VCTC for 1 to 2 years with around 20 students in a class, at set times and at a venue that might not be convenient to you. 

Next you have Fast- track Training courses in London. These are great but can be very expensive, with the cost of the course and travel . 

where next can you train? 


This is where V.I.P. Hair4U- Training fits in . 

Accredited, fully insured, Adult training course, with excellent hairdressing industry experience and the best thing we come to U at a time that works for U. 

August Courses Prices  

1 day Blow drying course                  £99

1 day Hair up course                          £99

1 day Foiling workshop                     £99

Following courses are 1 day a weeks normally 10am to 3pm

5 days Foundation Ladies Cutting & Styling                                   £900 + Kit  

5 days Foundation Barbering                                                               £800 + Kit  

4 days Foundation colouring                                                                £800 + Kit  

Refresher Training      £99 a day  ( based around you and what you would like to know) 

 1 day a week for 10 weeks Foundation Cutting & Colouring  Hairdressing Course   £2000        

 August Just  £1500 

Nervous about training, why not train with someone you know, have fun training at a discounted price. 

Buy one course and get another for 1/2 price and then you can split the cost between you. 

Each course requires a kit. Kits vary in price from £80 to £150 depending on the course you do.  This will then be your tools for your future career. We work with salon services or capital Hair and beauty for training kits.

NEW Course £199 

Mum's or Dad's have you ever wanted to learn how to cut your own kids hair ? Maybe you have tried ! 😮 This is a 2 day course that comes to you. It is a basic cutting and styling course for your family only. Save money and time learning this skill from a professional hairdresser / trainer at you own pace and time. You can train on your own or have a giggle and train with some friends. £199 pp or discount for a group booking .

(kit is required around £50 this is for a training head and scissors , do not worry you will not be learning on your children 😜)


Q & A 

Who are your courses for?

Anyone who would like to learn and has a passion for hair, no matter your age or experience. Training is 1 2 1 at your own pace.

The tutor and the training comes to you, so you do not have to go anywhere.

What times are the training courses?

As the training is based on 1 2 1 training times are very flexible.

Normally daytimes 10am to 3pm (around the school run

Evening and weekend traning sessions are available at an extra cost

PAYMENT and Payment Plan 

You can pay in full before you start your course or you can pay for an extra £50 you can have a payment plan over the time you train. 

I thought you can only train as a hairdresser in a salon or at college ?

I offer Fast track Accredited Hairdressing courses as i know as an adult you are wanting to learn and fast!

You can train in a short course just like beauty courses . You can learn different elements of hairdressing or barbering.

How much is a training kit?

Depending of the course you choose the kit is your tools for your future career. prices range from £100 to £180

I am nervous, what happens if I cut or colour someones hair wrong?

All my training course start off on a hairdressing training head first. You will work through the elements of your course and once the tutor is happy with your skills you will then move onto models .

I am a slow learner, will this be a problem?

No,not at all. As training is 1 2 1 we go at your pace and you can ask questions whenever you like and i can repeat no problem

What qualification will i gain at the end of my training?

All my courses have been Accredited this means the skills you learn are recognised in the hairdressing industry.

What is an Accreditation?

Accredited Training helps qualified professionals and students find professional training courses in their area. It enables you to gain the comfort that the courses you are attending are fully supported for Insurance purposes.

What is the difference between an NVQ and Certificate of Attendance .

The NVQ, VRC was set up to standardise the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry . This is something Colleges offer. It is over 1 to 3 years and it has also been used by the government to increase key skills such as English and Maths .

An Accredited Certificate of attendance allows you to train over a shorter period time ,It is mainly practical base (after all hairdressing is based on your skills , how well you cut and colour someones hair) It is recognised and has to be taught by someone with their full teaching qualifications.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

I do not like to use the word exam, that word put the fear of god in me when i was at school!. I like to use the word 'quiz'. Yes there is a quiz , practical assessment and a portfolio of evidence.

Please do not worry about this to much, this is where i come in. It is my job to get you ready.

I would like to do the courses but it is expensive.

My courses are designed to give you a New skill for a New career. I have tried to make my courses affordable as i can. Looking around some places charge double my prices. There is an option of a payment plan where you can pay over the time you train. Once you complete your training you could earn anything from £100 to £500 a week . It is a flexible skill, skills you will have for life and everyone needs a hair cut !

Is the course Hard to do ?

Yes it is hard to do. Everyone thinks hairdressing is easy. You are going to be learning a new skill. I know i can teach you the skills of hairdressing as i have been doing it for many years but what i cannot do is teach you is speed and confidence. That comes the more you do something. My courses are based on 1-2-1 training with practice days inbetween . It is VERY important that if you decide to do a course you commit to the training and practice time. all will be explained to you when you call. 

Please feel free to ask any more questions .